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commissions are currently open

Interested in getting a custom piece made? Want to get a tattoo design drawn up? If you contact me and let me know what you're thinking I can give you a more accurate quote, but here are some prices to get you started.

more detailed pricing:

5"x7" ink drawing + 1-2 colors: $25*

*may be more depending on complexity, number of items. this would be comparable to one of the pages of the parachutes zine.

8"x10" ink drawing + 1-2 colors: $35-40

large ink drawing: ask me for details

oil or gouache paintings:

5"x7" or smaller: $30

8"x10": $50

larger than 8"x10": ask me for details

tattoo designs:

portraits (people): $40+

portraits (pets/animals): $25-30

text only: $20-$25

text + image: $30-$50

oil painting pet portraits:

11"x17" or larger only. starting at $150, contact me for details and framing prices.

drawings will be delivered via high quality digital scan, if you are looking to purchase the original work, there will be additional charges and shipping fees.